Design and landscape your property, give value to your home!

First rate landscaping must be esthetic, practical and blend with the local scenery.
A landscaped property will increase in value.

Why should you use professional landscaping services?

landscaping your property

The best solution

A landscape designer sees all the possibilities for your landscape, and may even make suggestions that you hadn't thought of, thus maximizing the use of your property.

landscape design

Design... and function

Not only will a landscaper design your project, he will take into consideration the visual aspect of your property, the development of your garden (forms and shapes of mature plants).

Professional landscaper

According to your needs

A professional landscaper will customize your layout according to your needs (family with children, maintenance limitations, lighting, climate) and your budget.

« All-inclusive » landscaping service

« All-inclusive » service

Why hire a landscape architect, an excavation contractor, an irrigation compagnie, a carpenter and an electrician? TRYLAWN offers all these services under the same roof. We manage your project from A to Z!

The steps
  • Meeting with the designer
  • Preliminary work plan and quotation
  • Layout: irrigation system installation (if required)
  • Earthwork (if required)
  • Planting, top dressing
"turn-key" service in landscaping

Services to contractors

TRYLAWN offers you a "turn-key" service for the exterior of a property.

We offer landscaping, horticulture, landscape architecture, layout, concrete paver installation (earthwork), driveways, swimming pool outlines, tree planting, shrubs, hedges, perennials, sod installation, etc.

Some examples of our landscaping projects


Providing lawn care maintenance and professional landscaping for Montreal, the West Island, Laval and South Shore. Free evaluation. Lawncare plan to suit your needs!

Landscaping services: design, planning, property landscape Montreal area

  • Synthetic surfaces (Poured rubber flooring and synthetic turf)
  • Landscape architecture
  • Concrete paver installation (earthwork)
  • Horticulture
  • Driveways
  • Tree planting, shrubs, hedges...
  • Laying sod

Lawn FAQ

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