Lawn services: maintenance, treatment, fertilizing, sodding, getting rid of insects

The lawn maintenance and lawn treatment plans of TRYLAWN are designed to meet the needs of your lawn.

Since 1996, our services are conceived with the beauty of YOUR lawn in mind.
We have over 20 000 satisfied customers in Montreal, Laval and the South Shore. Our customized treatment plans will satisfy your most challenging needs.
Our TRYLAWN technicians are trained to respect green spaces and to protect the environment. We respect all municipal environmental standards.

OUR services

Annual Lawn maintenance plan, including fertilization, mycorrhizae, limestome, removing weeds, controlling pests

All-inclusive Lawn Care Plan

Choose your all-inclusive lawn care plan and let TRYLAWN take care of the rest. We can customize any treatment plan to better serve your needs.

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Treatment services for the lawn such as fertilization, mycorrhiza, liming, weed control and soil aeration

Lawn Treatment

We offer treatments on an as-needed basis as well. These treatments include fertilization and fertilizers, mycorrhizae application, lime treatment (liming, lime stone), weed control and soil aeration.

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Elimination of harmful insects and pests such as white grubs, with nematodes treatment

Insect Pest Control

TRYLAWN suggests to continuously maintain your lawn as to avoid insect infestation. However, even the best taken care of lawns fall prey to pest. We treat all types of insect infestation, especially white grubs and chinch bug.

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Contractor to renovate the lawn of your property by sodding, seeding, topdressing.

Top dressing, sod installation

By seeding and top dressing your lawn, the grass will be stronger and greener. If your lawn is damaged, then installing sod will produce an immediate result.

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Best practices for a green lawn: soil aeration, spreading soil, liming, fertilizing. Advice on lawn mowing and watering


We have all the information necessary to keep your lawn healthy and green. Our lawn care guide will inform you how to mow, water and fertilize your lawn.

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When to mow the lawn? How often to water the lawn? How to get rid of grubs?


At which height should I mow the lawn? What should I do with white grubs infestation? What is the best time of the day to water the lawn?

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Providing lawn care maintenance and professional landscaping for Montreal, the West Island, Laval and South Shore. Free evaluation. Lawncare plan to suit your needs!

Lawn services: maintenance, treatment, fertilizing, sodding, getting rid of insects

Our services

  • All inclusive lawn care plan
  • Fertilizing
  • Mycorrhizae application, limestone
  • Weed control
  • Insect pest control
  • White grubs elimination
  • Soil aeration
  • Sod installation, top dressing
  • Synthetic surfaces (Poured rubber flooring and synthetic turf)

Lawn FAQ

When to mow the lawn? How often to water the lawn? How to get rid of grubs?What is thatch? See the answer! >