Insect pest

Elimination of harmful insects and pests such as white grubs, with nematodes treatment

The natural solution to get rid of insects in your lawn

You can find harmful root feeding insects on your lawn. The most common ones are: white grubs (June beetle or barbs), hairy cinch, cereal cinch, sod webworm, bluegrass bill bug, cranberry girdler, click beetle and wireworm.

Damage caused by insects is first noticed in irregularly shaped zones of yellow grass of varying dimensions. You may see many birds on your lawn or even skunks as they eat white grubs. Fast action must be taken as pest grows rapidly, especially when the weather is hot.

TRYLAWN can help you eliminate harmful pest by:

  • Enhancing your lawn health with adapted treatments (an aerated lawn naturally resists pest infestation);
  • Using a nematodes treatment.
nematodes treatment
What is a nematodes treatment?

Beneficial nematodes are microscopic microorganisms that are efficient in fighting different species of white grubs. Nematodes are not harmful to humans, plants or pets and are 100% natural. Nematodes are introduced on your lawn through the soil. The nematodes then eject their symbiotic bacteria inside the grub’s body. Inside the dead insect, the nematodes feed and multiply. The result will be seen within the next few weeks after treatment.

Note: The soil must be kept moist 21 days after a nematodes treatment.

It is not complicated to treat your lawn with nematodes given the right weather conditions.

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