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Get an immediate an uniform result

It is recommended to install sod on your lawn if the soil is poor in nutrients, if weeds are present or if it’s a high passage area. Even though sod is more costly than regular turf, it has many advantages such as: less maintenance than new lawn, instant result, uniformity, no weeds (which have a tendency to infest new lawns) and a healthy, dense lawn.

Our TRYLAWN experts install over 1,000,000 sq. ft. of sod each year.
TRYLAWN’s choice: 100% Kentucky Bluegrass.

Our 4-way blend of advanced Bluegrass cultivars, specially selected for their disease resistance, weeds and adaptability to market area climates. This blend is perfect for tough Quebec winter. It is drought and wear resistant.

Sod installation:
  • Removal of present turf with a sod cutter;
  • Add compost rich topsoil to current soil;
  • Sod stacks installation;
  • Rolling over the sod stacks to ensure soil contact and to remove air pockets;
  • Watering.
After installation

It is recommended to water your lawn daily for two weeks after sod is installed.
It is also recommended not to step on the lawn during that time.

Do not spend another sunny day on your hands and knees.
Let our TRYLAWN experts install a brand new green lawn!

top dressing

top dressing

To increase the vitality and density of the lawn

Top dressing involves the direct application of a layer of mix of compost and top soil or other organic matter to grass and our best quality seeds (Kentucky blue and endophyte).

You should top dress your lawn every two to three years as the nutrients in the soil deplete.

Top dressing helps to:
  • Improve soil quality;
  • Repair damaged zones;
  • Increase lawn density;
  • Stimulate organic matter decomposition and micro-organisms activity.

The thickness of this layer will depend on your needs. You will see results as soon as the grass will start growing. Your lawn will be greener, stronger and healthier.

TRYLAWN recommends combining top dressing with soil aeration for optimal results. The holes created for aerating the soil allow a better flow of air, water and nutrients to the roots.

Top dressing steps:
  1. Soil aeration;
  2. Top soil application (manual or mechanical;
  3. Topsoil must be racked in order to reach the grass stalks;
  4. Seeding, if your lawn must be reconditioned or if it’s not dense enough (scarce);

TRYLAWN offer top dressing alone or combined with other lawn treatment plans.

Examples of top dressing


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