synthetic surfaces

Surfaces synthétiques (caoutchouc coulé et gazon artificiel)

Synthetic surfaces are perfect for playgrounds!

Trylawn designs and installs synthetic surfaces (poured rubber flooring and synthetic turf) in the region of Montreal, South Shore, North Shore, Quebec and Ontario.

Synthetic surfaces are increasingly popular for recreational areas, and for a good reason: they are durable, easy of care, safe for falls, anti-slip and anti-shock.

Synthetic turf:

Artificial grass is a great replacement for lawn because it remains green, is resistant to trampling, requires no watering, no chemicals, reduces dirt and allergies.
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Poured rubber flooring:

Poured rubber flooring is a unique combination of EPDM rubber granules utilizing a flexible polyurethane binder that is poured in place on site. The result is a smooth and uniform surface, durable and easy to maintain, in the color and design of your choice.
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Have you thought about synthetic surfaces for...

  • Around the pool? Because they are porous, synthetic surfaces allow water to drain and they dry quickly. Rugged texture improves safety. No more yellow grass due to pool chlorine
  • Your backyard? No soil means no more dirt in the house! And no more lawn to mow or water. Reduce allergies, and safe for pets.
  • Kids playgrounds ? Because they are soft and absorbent, synthetic surfaces are recommended around climbing structures, swings, etc. They absorb shock, and are safer for falls.
  • Sports fields, gyms ?

Advantages of synthetic surfaces:


Synthetic surface flooring can be layed inside or outside. Available in several types (synthetic turf can be short, mid-length or longer, various greens, for example) or even a nice choice of colors (for Poured rubber flooring)

Security for the kids, or your clients

Synthetic Surface coatings are flexible, absorb shock and provide a cushion for falls from a height, while being cleaner than sand. In addition, surfaces are cleaned easily.


Synthetic surface floorings are resistant to cold, heat and temperature variations; therefore they are adapted to the climate of Quebec.


Synthetic turf and poured rubber flooring offer a bright, uniform color that is resistant to UVA and UVB rays. No more yellow patches or muddy soil.

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Synthetic surfaces installations


Providing installation of synthetic surfaces such as synthetic turf (artificial lawn) and rubber floors residential or commercial, in the region of Montreal, South Shore, North Shore, Quebec and Ontario

Our services

  • All inclusive lawn care plan
  • Fertilizing
  • Mycorrhizae application, limestone
  • Weed control
  • Insect pest control
  • White grubs elimination
  • Soil aeration
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  • Synthetic surfaces (Poured rubber flooring and synthetic turf)

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