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A lawn that's always green!

Synthetic turf looks and feels almost exactly like natural grass. New technologies and improved materials were key in developing high grade synthetic turf (artificial lawn).

Synthetic turf is known for its commercial, sports applications (soccer and golf), but it is also very popular with daycare centres, childcare centres, schools and municipalities for the covering of their parks and playgrounds. In addition to being resistant, artificial turf is providing critical fall height protection for children.

The installation of artificial turf is more expensive than sodding natural grass, but brings return on investment in the long term. Inesting in synthetic lawn offers several advantages:


  • Almost no maintenance required. You do not need to mow your lawn, fertilize it, reseed it or water it! You will save time and money.
  • Always looks beautiful! UV resistance means a greener lawn all year long, uniform in color, even in the shade.
  • Resist trampling, great for very busy, high traffic areas
  • Very clean. You will not get any dirt inside your house.
  • Allergy free

Synthetic lawn installation on a busy corner:

Installation of synthetic turf (artificial lawn)
Have you thought about synthetic turf for children's playground ?

Synthetic turf is ideal for playgrounds and play areas: robust, resistant to trampling. More importantly, it's softness minimizes injuries due to falls. Not to mention it's less messy!

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