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Spring special

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Spring special on lawn care maintenance
White grubs in lawn

One white grubs treatment

Calcium treatment for lawn

Calcium treatment

Fertilizer for lawn

Crystal Green addition


Addition of mycorrhizae


*On purchase of an annual 3-year maintenance plan, on max 3000 s.f.

This promotion ends May 31, 2021.

Our lawn care service simplify your life: everything is included, and with just 4 visits we will give you a green and healthy lawn.

Our famous lawn care plan gives you more for your money: fertilizer, mychorizes, calcium, weed control and insect pests (white grubs, chinch bugs...).

After 20 years of lawn care experience, we can say that this plan is the best value for your money on the market. And the results speak for themselves.

Book early in the season for an additional discount!

Services included in the lawn maintenance plan:

Granular fertilizer spreading

We took care of including 3 different fertilizer formulas to go with the seasons: A spring formula, two summer formulas and an autumn formula.

Application of mycorrhizae

Ecological, in natural harmony with the ecosystem of your lawn, the application of mychorizic fungi improves drought tolerance and optimizes the absorption of fertilizers.

Calcium application

Calcium balances soil ph, allowing better growth of microorganisms, which in turn helps root the strands of grass and inhibits weed growth.

Weed Detection

Our specialist will determine if your lawn needs management of broadleaf weeds on your property. This check is performed at all visits, so we can react quickly.

Crystal green

The first fertilizer with continuous release of phosphorus. Crystal green thus nourishes your grass throughout the summer.

Insect pests check

In Spring and Fall, we check for white grubs. In summer, for the chinch bug. It is important to act early: getting rid of worms and insects is easier when they are larvae.

Lawn treatment

Our specialized services for shock treatment!

For problem lawns, yellowed lawns, poorly irrigated grounds...

If you've tried other lawn care companies before, or tried it yourself, but haven't gotten any results, your lawn may need a shock treatment. Our specialized services can help your lawn. Add one or more of the following services to your plan:


Core aeration

Aeration promotes rapid infiltration of water into the soil and the distribution of fertilizers. It helps the roots to grow deep. In short, your lawn breathes better!


Top dressing

Over time, the soil of your lawn becomes poorer. Composting restores minerals to your soil and contributes to a healthy lawn, allowing it to better resist diseases and drought.



By reducing the level of acidity in the soil, liming helps rooting, the effectiveness of fertilizers, the growth of soil microorganisms and reduces the occurence of weeds.

nsects in your lawn

white grubs, chinch bugs, ants...

The control of harmful insects must be done immediatly, because they reproduce quickly especially in hot weather. Also, it is easier to get rid of insects at the start of the infestation. For example, white grubs are weaker and easily eliminated as larvae, rather than once mature. Trylawn checks in the spring and throughout the summer the condition of your lawn for signs of white grubs, European moth (chinch bug) or any other insect pests that damage the lawn.


White grubs

Larva worms are damaging to the lawn because they consume the roots of the lawn for food.

TRYLAWN uses proven nematode treatment that can save your lawn the natural way.


Chinch bug

Chinch bugs (also known as cereal bug or European moth) feed on the sap of the blades of grass and in doing so, inject a substance into the stem to coagulate water, which kills the blade of grass.

TRYLAWN has built up a solid experience in managing bug infestations effectively.


Ants and spiders

Have ants become a problem? TRYLAWN now has the expertise to manage this insect problem. With an ant treatment that is also safe for your family and pets. We also control spiders.

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